The Rules of Poker: How to Beat Video Poker Machines

Regardless if it's online or on local establishments, one thing you'll surely notice is that one of the most populated section in a waging establishment is the place where video poker games are held. Why is that? If you're already familiar with gambling, you ought to know already that there's a house edge in every game and this refers to the advantage of the establishment itself against the players. The lower the house edge, the better it is for the players, and among the games in a casino, these digital pokies are bound to become your favourite with their incredibly low house edge which could even be turned into your edge with the right knowledge and moves.

The reason for this low house edge and the potential advantage you could get, lies in the fact that you are still within the control regarding other factors of the game. Although a bit of luck is needed for you to be dealt with a good hand, the choices you'll make afterwards could end up becoming the reason for a win or a loss. It is important that you get down to the basics first, know everything there is to know about video poker, start learning how to beat video poker machines. Let us start with some of the rules of Poker and other must-know information about it.

The Rules Of Poker or Video Poker

Although the way of betting is practically different between the two since the rules of poker would surely involve a bit of an intense staring bout between the players of the game, the rules of playing video poker is quite straightforward and easy to understand like the former. In the game, since you're basically playing with a machine and do not have an opponent, your wins would be highly dependent on whether you'll win a hand combination in your virtual draw. Unlike Poker as well, the amount you could win are fixed depending on the game and the paytable of their hands.

The good thing about this is that you would not have to involve yourself in a stressful battle of wits with other players and determine whether you should fold or push with your bet on the next round. Using a 52-card standard deck, you'll be dealt with 5 cards randomly from the deck. You could choose to stay with your hand if it already meets quite a satisfying hand but, you could also discard some cards on the round as well. If you decided to discard, you'll be dealt with a number of cards that's the same amount as the cards you've just discarded. This is where you'll be able to know whether you've won or not since that can be considered your final hand for the round.

Video Poker Pay Table or Payouts

Although you may already be aware that there are certain hand combinations of cards with corresponding prizes, what you may now know is that they could greatly vary depending on what variant of the video poker game you'll be playing. When it comes to the cards combinations themselves, there would, without doubt, be similarities, but the value and the even the poker hand rankings could end up being different.

Jacks or Better

One of the more typical versions of the Video Pokies scene is the Jacks or Better game. The name is actually relevant to the game's goal, as you would have to get a pair of jacks if you want to get the lowest amount of prize in the game or even better combinations with higher cash prizes. In this version, the video poker royal flush holds the highest value, just like in any Poker hand rankings out there in the globe. Royal flush in this game offers 250x your bet, while the next one greatly declines in value starting from Straight Flush with 50x and four of a kind with 25x waging prize.

How To Beat Video Poker Machines

Although it may not always be guaranteed, having a firm strategy would surely do you better rather than just leaving everything to Lady Luck. For instance, one of the tips to beat this game is to actually always bet on max value to make your wins more worth it if you ever land them. Also, depending on the game that you're playing, make sure that you know what cards you need to hold on to and what cards you need to discard. For instance, if you already in possession of a four-of-a-kind make sure that you do not make any senseless move like discarding them altogether. This is more often than not, true in other types of pokies as well, to guarantee at the very least, that you'll win certain amount of dough every time.