Learning to Play Cyberstud Poker

It is definitely better to play waging games with a grander prize and you will definitely be able to get exactly that if you play Cyberstud Poker. At Video Poker Classic this is a variant of the renowned game of Poker played through the internet in various web-based waging establishments today. This game is played against the house through a dealer, and is a 5-card game that will undoubtedly allow you to bring home lots of cash to your account. There's even a cutting-edge progressive jackpot type of this game which will allow you the chance to get your hands on millions of dollars in one fell swoop if you manage to win. Ready to know the rules about this game?

Lava Gold

$16,184 JACKPOT

Playing Cyberstud Poker is as simple as playing Jacks or Better and easy to understand. As you enter the game, you'll be introduced to a virtual table where the game will be held. You and the dealer will be present at the table and more commonly, the dealer is at the top of the screen. To start off your game, you should first identify how much you'll bet. The bet in this game is called 'Ante' and you place it on a circle called the 'Ante Circle'. Once you've placed your bet in the Circle, you'll be dealt with five different cards from the deck while the dealer will receive a single card which are all faced up.

Afterwards, you'll be asked whether you'll call or fold your bet. When you choose to call, an additional bet that's twice than what you've initially wagered will be added to your Ante. For instance, if you bet $5 at the first round at Spin Palace Casino, your call will be $10 which will result to a total of $15 bet. Once you call, the dealer will receive another four cards and the winner will be decided. Of course, if you fold, you lose the game as well. Cyberstud Poker is easy especially if you search for tactics that will allow you to play it more seamlessly.