What Makes All American Poker unique?

There are a whole lot of video poker variants in the industry today and out of the lot, one of the most promising variant that you'll find at Video Poker Classic is the All American Poker. Video pokers have long been in the industry for years already and as the name suggests, it's a digital version of the renowned game of poker. The digital type of this epic waging game has also made its way on the land-based establishment and this includes the All American version mentioned earlier. However, this variant is not seen much in brick-and-mortar establishment due to its history of being unprecedentedly feared by wagers who've seen its pay tables.

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$16,184 JACKPOT

All American Poker differs from other games in its paytable as it has a more lucrative pay table compared to regular variants. Though it invoked a unique impact on wagers and died quite fast, it finally found a way back to the industry in the form of online waging. After this transformation from land-based to web-based, this variant has continued making a name for itself and has become one of the staple variants for wagers across the globe.

You'll be able to revel on different All American Poker games on various establishments and the highest payout percentage it offers is a staggering 99.5979% while the lowest ticks at 99.3756%. Both are amazingly high and whatever you choose, you'll surely be able to bring home lots of money in the end. You may search more in-depth information on their pay tables depending on what establishment you're going to play at, be it Jackpot City or Slots Heaven.

Though the pay tables on land-based establishment of this variant is different from its web-based version, players tend to look only for the web-based pay table since the presence of this variant on brick-and-mortar establishments is incredibly lacking. You'll definitely do great with the game even with Jacks or Better strategies, however, it is better to have dedicated strategies for more guaranteed victories.