What's Behind the Thrilling Game of Joker Poker?

At Video Poker Classic, there are a lot of video poker variants prevalent in the internet today and one of them that would definitely bring you an exciting and thrilling experience is the Joker Poker version that definitely stands out from the crowd. This is one of the most popular variant today and is a version of the renowned Jacks or Better video poker. However, the difference lies on the fact that it plays with an additional Joker card which means that the total number of cards here is 53 rather than the regular or standard version which has 52. If you want to get a piece of the action brought by this amazing game, then it is always better to equip yourself with some knowledge about the rules and possible tips that will increase your chance on winning more prizes.

First of all, the wild joker addition to this variant holds a meticulous ability that allows the player to exchange it for any card on the deck. This means that if you get it, you'll be able to change it for a higher card or any card that may complete your hand for a better payout. This is an incredible advantage that makes Joker Poker very popular. Also, its popularity also caused it to have many kinds of pay table that varies depending on the casino where you'll be playing it. This means that you must first check out the paytable of where you're going to play so you'll know if it pays higher than what other casino offers.

The possible payouts at sites such as Slots Heaven Casino in this variation is 100.0002% with a staggering 10000/20/7/5 pay table format, and a 98.946% with a stunning 150/150/150 format for the Double Double version Jackpot of Joker Poker. It is also highly recommended for players to wage with five coins all the time so you'll be able to revel on higher rewards once you get a winning hand. Joker Poker is undoubtedly an excellent choice for all wagers out there.