Play the Las Vegas Joker Wild Video Poker Game

Even with all the highly decorated and cutting-edge options available in the slots category, there will still be an innumerable amount of people out there who'll keep setting their sights on Video poker varieties all for good reasons. Although they may not be the most aesthetically appealing game today as they stick more to simple and straightforward gameplay that remains unchanged throughout the years, it still remains attractive in the eyes of many due to the existence of lower house edge on its machines. It's not because of high-end features or superior mechanics - what makes the game more in favor of players is the grip and control players have with the game. If you're planning to play this game, consider going for the Joker Wild Video Poker.

What is Joker Wild Video Poker?

If this isn't the first time you've heard of Video pokies, then you may already have a firm idea about some of the most basic type of this game, one of which that's truly encompassing is the Jacks or Better. Joker Wild is something that can be considered quite close to Jacks or better, all be it with highly distinct differences that set them apart from each other. One thing for certain though, is that many people out there would find themselves looking into the direction of Wild Video Poker instead of the former, due to much lower edge of the house against players like you. What causes this?

The even lower house edge that you'll experience from this variant is all due to the fact that the game makes use of a 52-card standard deck but equipped with an extra card which is the Joker. This Joker functions like the Deuces in the Deuces Wild, as it is considered as the Wild symbol of the game. Being a wild, the joker is something that could help you win bigger prizes more frequently and this already makes it crystal clear just why many people raves it so much.

Joker Wild Video Poker Rules

If you research more, you'll find out that Joker Wild Video Poker is somehow deemed as one of the most famous Las Vegas Video poker as well. This makes it more imperative for you to have a better idea of how to play it. Actually, the game isn't much different from other video pokies out there but for the sake of those who may be beginners when it comes to this game, we'll further discuss the basics below.

Video pokies as mentioned, make use of a standard deck and in this case, it comes with 53 cards which includes the joker. When you place your bets, you'll be dealt a hand and this refers to the five cards that will be given to you through the machine's generator. When the cards appear, you'll have the power to proceed or to discard some cards and be dealt with new ones. If you choose to proceed or if you get newly dealt cards by discarding some, the hand you'll possess would be the basis of your prize.

How To Win At Joker Wild

Here's the million-dollar question - How will you win this kind of game? The house edge is extremely low and at the same time, you'll have sufficient control so it's the perfect game for players to exploit as long as you make the perfect decisions in the game. Although a win is not always going to be guaranteed since Luck would still have a crucial factor, it's still something that's worth taking advantage of.

What you should first do is ensure that you get everything about the basics. Make sure that you know the pay table of the variant you're playing with, so you'll have a better and sounder idea of what decision you should make later on. The most critical question though, when you're going to make a decision, is to what you should keep and what you should discard or should you discard any cards at all?

When it comes to discarding cards, it is always best that you keep the Joker if you have it and at the same time, make sure that you hold onto three of a kinds or even higher combination of cards since that already has a high chance of helping you bring home the bacon or in this case, a mind-boggling amount of money.

It should also already be a given, that when you are playing this kind of game, don't even forget to bet with your credits or bet at its peak. The last thing you want to happen is bet and then get a winning royal flush, only to find yourself disappointed since you may not have maximized your bet in the first place.